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I started deviantART almost 2 years ago.  These past 2 years have been so much fun and a great learning experience.  Some of my favorite works include:
Tulip by olivia808The Snow Queen by olivia808Marceline by olivia808
Mulan Reflection by olivia808My Cat Oliver as a Kitten by olivia808
I chose these pieces because I feel they represent who I am and where I want to go in the future.
13- I Plunge to my Death. by Punkn13Catching fire: Pergo pugnare by JeyerreOkay? Okay. by ScaredOfRealityMonarch Butterfly Dress by Crazy-LolaAriel by Elizabeth9330
Rapunzel Sketch by TurtleSeaKristoff, Anna, Olaf and Sven by one-film-one-drawingOkay. by Punkn13Articuno WWS by the19thGinnyGrowlithe WWS by the19thGinny
Marauders- Sirius by sarahlisMarauders- James by sarahlisMarauders- Remus by sarahlisScholars' Tower by juliedillon
Maleficent Chibi by GM-PiMaleficent by MartaDeWinterPokemon6 by miyu96Persy and Annabeht by drakonarinka
Katniss by flominowaWhere No One Goes by iya-chen   Seven of the Prophecy - Rule63 by juliajm15
Seven Halfbloods by Faith92The Lightining Thief by juliajm15Carl from Pixar's Up by DNavasakRainbow ponytail. by iezz
Emma. by iezzEmma Watson - 10-10-13 by rodrigosebastianHermione Granger (complete) by Cordilia61Jennifer Lawrence by Cordilia61
Yoda portrait - realism practice by oomizuaoFrozen by Gormlaith11 Lilligant by SkittyStrawberriesMichelangelo's Pieta by mandy-joy
Discovery by Slappy-SnifferdooRealization by Slappy-SnifferdooHow to Train your Dragon - Cloudjumper by Isvoc
Katara by MiggimiraPokemon BW - Touko 4 by xThunderboltMischief Managed by appleshiner
Power couple by justpotteringParabatai by taratjahClary Drawing by taratjahJace by JinGi
Wands at the Ready! by TheLegendofEeveeGreen-Eyed by TheLegendofEeveePercy and Annabeth go to Hogwarts by HellomynameisbasilGinny Weasly in palette #9 by Hellomynameisbasil
Companeros by ZoranPhotosmile, sis! by maccirahey ron, come here by macciramwaa by maccira
peeta, what are you doing? by macciraThe Girl On Fire by 7LisaStay with me by NiniduAriel by Magicharu
These are really fun to do :D
Hazel and Gus by Cordilia61hair-eyes tutorial by viria13a very bad face tutorial by viria13Frozen Minimalist Poster by didneypwencess
Anatomia Chirurgicam Supellex... by alexlibris999lali pofi by ErikamissMt Valier VIII by ColdRuru
Misty by SquirrelGirl15Brown Kitty by tiggytiger2012Realistic Wolf Sketch by wolfyleesiePalette Meme - Hermione Granger #16 by RattenfangerFire Elsa - Print! by AtomiccircuSPercy Doodle 2. by Punkn13
High Island Reservoir by GuardianMajormanga eyes practicing by DoreiShounenEveryone needs a little time to feel normal again by DreamsoffoolsLoved You for Years (How to Train Your Dragon 2) by Aty-S-BehsamThe Moeraki Boulders by SvenMuellerBeautiful Blue Morpho Butterfly by AlaskaGrl
Dragon Cave by DuskyTopsWTF Owl by Elvira1990Untitled by inopokeHug by Erwin0859
Untitled by inopokeUntitled by inopokeDay at Disney - KristAnna by xxMeMoRiEzxx
Fem!Hiccup by juliajm15Frozen Songs - Genderbend by juliajm15Happy b-day wise girl!! by Cordilia61Eve by Elliepamp

Hazel Grace by brailynneAnsel Elgort by Cordilia61Merida by drawwin
-R.e.L- by xAteyoxLike by Cordilia61Pokemon by scaryprincess:Pokemon Palette Challenge: by Sofy-Senpai
Mossglen02 by voyager01Mudkip Pokemon by MissBajoCollectionPikachu Ate My Ketchup by MokonaTenshi
Apple by SteelverseHiccup the Dragon Expert by Cordilia61The Titans Curse by RowenSatell


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
All my life I have always loved art. People always told me that I was good but I never really believed them. I got my first camera in 2006 for Christmas and I fell in love with taking photos and I hope to one day be a professional photographer, art teacher, or an author.

My long lost sister :iconrey-of-arcadia:

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